Stepping Out Into Yourself

Today, I speak to you of community.

I set an intention at our last Wild Woman Circle to make myself more visible in my community. To put myself out there - and to do so with an open, honest and generous heart.

Achieving balance in life can be tricky and, in recent times, I have felt the imbalance in my own life acutely. 

I have been spending a great deal of time on my own and for me, too much time on my own affects me deeply. I am a sociable person and when I don’t have enough positive interactions with gorgeous human beings like yourself, my sparkle is somewhat dulled.

So, I have been following up on my intention! Putting myself out there in my local community; literally making myself physically visible, walking around the village, engaging in conversation, passing the time of day, chatting to other parents and friends on the school run and generally connecting with other lovely people. And guess what? It seems that others in my community are longing for human connection too! And so we have nourished each other.

And it’s not all about the humans either…we share space with so many other living things. And so, I have been getting out into my natural surroundings more too and taking my children along with me. There is something so beautiful and grounding about familiarising yourself with your community in the natural world throughout the year. Feeling into where you are in the year by what is in bloom and what has transformed, by who is visiting and who has left, by who you can hear and who you cannot. A more natural way of telling the time. 

And truly putting yourself out there in your community requires bravery and honesty. There is vulnerability in visibility. 

But, in my experience, it is totally worth it. I feel that I am regaining my sparkle and the braver I am, the braver I become. And I want to stay on that road.

Being brave, seen and heard can lift you up and help you shine. And perhaps your bravery may help others sparkle too.

So go on! Let’s shine together beautiful people!!